An Emotional Day at Auschwitz Concentration Camps

It would be hard to go to Poland and learn about it’s history without visiting some of the sites of what can only be described as one of, if not the worst crimes against humanity in modern history. Lets not sugar-coat it. The Hallocaust was a disgusting display of human arrogance. It violated every human right. … More An Emotional Day at Auschwitz Concentration Camps

Hampton Court Palace

It seems to be our mission to visit all the Historic Royal Palaces and Hampton Court Palace is one we have wanted to check off for a while. So we decided, when else would be better than when we are both living in London and there is a discount to enter! Getting There Getting to Hampton … More Hampton Court Palace

Day Trip: Oxford

Getting to places from London is incredibly easy, so we have made it our mission for 2017 to visit some of the UK’s best cities over our free weekends. Our first trip of the year was to a city that we have been dying to get to for a while, Oxford. Getting to Oxford from … More Day Trip: Oxford

Wanderlust in 2017

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! 2016 had its ups and downs didn’t it? But we are looking to 2017 with a positive mind and open arms and hope that it will be a great year in everyone’s books. Last year we didn’t travel as much as we had planned.  Instead we added to our ‘Need To Go To’ list … More Wanderlust in 2017