Why Travelling with Siblings is the best!

If you haven’t guessed already, big surprise, we’re sisters! We love travelling together and we don’t know why more people don’t do it.


Travelling with siblings can be so much fun, not only are you more than likely to be the same amount of weird and crazy but from all those years living together you just get each other. Being at ease with the person you are travelling with and being able to trust them is a big part of getting along (whether this is a boyfriend, close friends or a family member), especially when travelling for a longer period of time, and if you get along with your siblings like a house on fire then why not travel together?!

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Now believe us, its not all rosie when travelling with siblings, we have had our disagreements but the thing is we get over it pretty quickly. All those years growing up together has meant that we know how far we can push each other and how to cheer each other up, meaning no awkward silences or storming off. It actually rarely happens nowadays that we do have disagreements while travelling together, we generally have discussed and planned what we each want to see, do or eat before we arrive; if we do find something new when we are away we discuss it and plan when we can see or do it. Being able to compromise is a large part of all these decisions as we both want to enjoy our time away.

A big plus of travelling with a sibling is travelling with someone you love. Gaining life experience and amazing memories together that you can look back on in the future and share with the rest of our family. We are very close as a family unit but we believe that travelling together as sisters has brought us closer. WeΒ plan to do many more adventures and bring our little brother along too (which we can’t wait for!)


Do you guys travel with your siblings? We would love to hear about your favourite experiences with them!



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