West Coast Tour: The Grand Canyon

The next big stop on our west coat tour is the Grand Canyon! One of the seven natural wonders of the world, the Grand Canyon is certainly a sight to behold.

We stayed over night at Hualapai Lodge in a local Native American reservation, Peach Springs, where we were able to watch traditional Native American throat singing. Arriving later in the day to our hotel meant we weren’t able to explore the area much but could see a lot of wildlife from our hotel window.

The next day Alice ventured out to see the sunrise over the canyon, having to leave the hotel at 5am! She even saw some elk outside the hotel at this time feeding on the grass around the grounds. Once reaching the closest viewing platform and positioning ourselves for the sunrise it was just a case of waiting. The light reflecting off the orange rock is just beautiful, its something that the pictures just don’t reflect. Watching the sunrise is definitely one of Alice’s favourite memories of this whole trip and she thoroughly recommends this to anyone going to the Grand Canyon.

After watching the sunrise we went back to our hotel to scoff ourselves with breakfast and to pick up our fellow travellers, including Grace, so that we could go back to the Canyon for our helicopter ride. YES A HELICOPTER RIDE! As we approached the canyon music started to play, as we flew over the edge on the canyon the jurassic park theme tune started up and boy was it so appropriate. It made the view seem almost unreal, like we were literally in a film. We got to see some of the most amazing views, and really got a sense of scale of the canyon itself, when we were in the helicopter we could see a thunderstorm in the distance and it was so weird to see the lightning striking and rain falling from so far away.

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The Grand Canyon truly deserves its title as one of natures seven wonders! This is one of our most memorable trips to date and an incredible experience, possibly once in a life time (but hopefully not). If we were to go back we would like to do a horse trek down into the Canyons to see a completely different perspective!


Have you ever visited the Grand Canyon?




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