West Coast Tour: San Francisco

We have been lucky enough to go on many amazing holidays with our family but one that definitely sticks out is when we took a road trip through the west coast of America. Two weeks driving from place to place taking in the American scenery.

We started off in San Francisco. The weather was the biggest shock to the system, we visited in the middle of August so we expected hot weather. How wrong we were! Sleeveless t-shirts and shorts were not appropriate and it was more like jeans and hoodies (that we had to buy there). Apparently it is like this because of the fog that comes in from the Pacific ocean?!?! Who knew!

First point of call was to explore the city and find some food! We stumbled upon Lombard Street (Probably the most famous road in San Fran) known for how steep it is and its tight twisting road, which is also beautifully decorated with bushes and flowers. I would hate driving down it though. Continuing to stumble round the city in a jet lagged haze we ate the famous bread bowls filled with soup. Then we headed down to Pier 39 where we visited the aquarium and got to see the sea lions sunbathing (if you can call it that when there is no sun).

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One thing you can’t ignore about San Francisco is how hilly it is. Like seriously some of them are almost vertical (I bet all Franciscans have great legs from the work out). It also makes for some great rides on the tram! While in the hilly city we took a tram tour, this took us past many of the sights in the city including the ‘Mrs Doubtfire’ house and most famously the Golden Gate Bridge. The tour drove us across the bridge and stopped on both sides for us to get pictures. Just look at how beautiful it is, and pictures just don’t do it any justice. However, what the picture doesn’t show is just how cold we were. We were wearing blankets provided by the tour company to keep us warm… in AUGUST!

During our time in San Fransisco we also took a small trip in to China town. Here we wondered the streets and had a typical Chinese meal in a restaurant that was buzzing full of people (they also brought weird dishes round on a trolley).

We only got a few days to have a look round San Francisco so next time we go back we would love to go on a tour round Alcatraz!


Where would you recommend in San Fran? 




8 thoughts on “West Coast Tour: San Francisco

      1. I used to live in Eugene and I would take roadtrips to San Francisco two to three times a year. When I came back from Brazil I took the train all up and down the coast to visit friends and remain amongst the happy and sunny laid back parts of America. The west coast really is a gem because of how relaxed people are and welcoming. It’s as if time has slowed down ❤️

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