10 places to visit at Christmas

Merry Christmas all!

Hope you are all having a fabulous day opening gifts and scoffing Christmas dinner like we will be. Here are a few of our ideas about where christmas would be super special! Maybe next year we will get to visit one of them.

1.New York, USA

Who doesn’t want to see this magical city at christmas?! The location for many a christmas film and the most amazing christmas tree we have ever seen. The shopping, the cold weather and ice skating in central park all make us feel rather festive!

2.London, England

Our home country has to be on the list! London has some fantastic shopping, super pretty christmas lights- check out oxford street for both, and try going to Winter Wonderland which is a huge german market with rides. Iceskating at Somerset House or the Natural History Museum has a magical feel that is super festive too.

3.Florida, USA

We did this once when we were very young and we have to say it was one of our most memorable christmases. Visiting all the theme parks while they are dressed up for the holidays and even though the warm weather is slightly weird for us it is just a magical place to be.



4. Lapland, Finland

The home of Father Christmas! Lapland is on the edge of the arctic circe meaning lots and lots of snow in winter. Sleigh rides, meeting reindeer, huskies and the northern lights. What more can you ask for to make your christmas a dream come true!



5.Rome, Italy

Rome is a wonderful city all year round, it also holds a strong place in Christmas history. See the christmas market at Piazza Navona, go iceskating at Sant’Angelo and go to the christmas mass at St. Peters Basilica- even though that is technically in Vatican City.



6.Cologne, Germany

Germany is the home of the Christmas Tree and the Christmas market and there are plenty located in Cologne. These include the Fairytale Christmas Market, the Market of Angels at Newmarket and the Cologne Harbour Market- which sits alongside the city’s chocolate factory! Try the German food washed down with a stein of beer!

7.Bethlehem, Palestine

The place where this holiday all started, you couldn’t get more topical. Visit the Church of Nativity and go to a midnight mass to celebrate the start of christmas. Watch out- it can get very busy at this time of year as many Christians travel to experience the birth place of Jesus.



8.Budapest, Hungary

Budapest has a traditional christmas market and a wonderful ice rink in the park but one thing that stands out is the Szechenyi Baths. Basically a warm outdoor spa; so while its crisp outside you can be cosy in these baths. They also turn into an outdoor pool party at night. So if you’re looking for something a little different try Budapest.

9.Vienna, Austria

Vienna is almost a fairytale setting especially in the christmas period. Holding multiple christmas markets, concerts and nativity plays dotted around the city.



10.Strasbourg, France

Strasbourg is a town on the French border. It has been holing the Christkindelsmärik (Christmas Market) since 1570. Making it one of the oldest Christmas Markets in Europe. The charming old houses make this place look like a chocolate box. Be aware that Christmas is their busiest time of year because of the famous market.



Where would you like to spend Christmas?








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